10 Holiday Nail Art Ideas You’ll Want to Experiment With Now

Detailed Fair Isle, simple half-moons, and the festive negative nail.

Detailed Fair Isle, simple half-moons, and the festive negative nail–holiday-worthy nail art can look fresh long before the fairy lights go up.

Winter Wonderland

Like the abstract turkey nail design for Thanksgiving Day, this minimalist winter scene is a seasonal take on the negative nail.


Nordic Sweater

Match your nails to your favorite holiday sweater with a nordic Fair Isle look. You can try hand-painting the design, or you can always take the easy route withpre-made appliqués.


Stained Glass

Add a statement nail or two in the form of a stained glass design, either hand-painted or with the help of a nail stencil. It’s a subtle way to add personal details, seen here in the form of dainty David’s stars.



Update a classic red nail with the delicate snowflakes. Just add holiday-themed nail decals and seal it with a clear top coat.


Half and Half

For this fun and festive non-denominational mani, paint one hand in gold polish and the other in silver.


Wrapping Paper

This easy negative nail can be made with the help of varying nail tapes. Start with a clear base coat. Once the lacquer is tacky, set alternating strips of metallic horizontally. Seal the look with a topcoat.


Seeing Stars

To get this celestial look, follow the same steps as the previous design, but with metallic star decals instead. 

Festive Plaid

For this design, paint your nails in your desired base coat color. Choose two lacquers to crosshatch over to create a plaid design, then finish with a top coat.


Red Half Moons


This bare half-moon look is an simple way to add color to your nail (and let your jewelry do the talking).

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