7 Indian secrets for faster hair growth

We present to you the secrets of women who have a healthy, long and nourished hair …

You know themselves how some Indian women have long, beautiful hair (the most we could see them in batches or lucky enough to go there and see everything live). So we decided to learn their tricks and secrets and to share with you … It all comes down to natural remedies and easy care – see:

1. Use aloe vera juice

Yesterday we showed you how to gel with the help of this powerful plant date vibrancy of your hair, now is the time to use it for faster growth and scalp care.

– Pluck a few leaves of aloe vera;

– Each cut the list in half to have caused the leak juices;

– The juice / gel massage into the hair roots and using circular movements start the circulation and better absorption;

– Leave both the “mask” for about two hours, and you can spend the night with her. Rinse with lukewarm water without using shampoo.


2. Create a mask from panthenol

D-panthenol is a synthetic vitamin B5 which, when applied to the skin, turns into pantothenic acid – a chemical that is known for the normalization of the problem in the epidermis. This acid restores the hair follicle and prevents hair loss.

– Wash your hair as usual;

– Apply panthenol (in the form of a gel or foam) on clean hair, focusing on its root;

– You can apply to the entire hair and thus prevent charge;

3. Rinse your hair with cold water

Let this become a habit. Cold water closes the pores and improves circulation, which leads to faster hair growth. As a bonus, your hair will become further brighter.

– Rinse your hair as usual;

– After placing the mask or balm, rinse with cold water.

4. Wash your hair with apple vinegar

This is not bad to do a few times a month. Apple cider vinegar activates the hair follicle, which is good for her health and appearance.

– Wash your hair;

– Use vinegar instead of balm;

– Do not rinse it, because it has less smell that quickly evaporate.

5. Put the protein masks

– Take two eggs at room temperature;

– Separate the egg whites from the yolks. Whip the egg whites and put them on the hair roots;

– For added effect, you can twist the head in polyethylene and put over the cap;

6. Try a mask with egg and cognac

Eggs are full of protein, while cognac rich tannins that give hair density, volume and stimulate growth.

-Take Two eggs and a glass of cognac

– Mix the ingredients with a fork or put them in a blender, and then received the mask, apply to the hair roots.

– Add olive oil if you want to mask applied to the entire length of hair – it will give her softness and make your styling.

7. Use essential oils

Jojoba, almond, lavender and frankincense oil have a great positive effect on hair follicles, scalp, feeding a large amount of vitamins and ingredients from plants.

– Mix the above-mentioned oil and add them to the mask of coconut oil;

– Apply the mixture on the hair root and check between 2 and 3 hours;

– To properly wash off the mask, rinse your hair using a conventional shampoo or using a shampoo for deep cleaning hair.



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