Do you have acne? This study will comfort you!

We know how much this problem, but scientists say it is not all  bad

Anyone who has experienced problems with acne, such as actress Cameron Diaz who has often talked about it, he knows how it can be both difficult and affect the self-confidence. Well, now for people who have skin problems coming consolation: if you had a young skin problems, scientists say they will later in life to look youthful.

A study published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology found that people who in their youth had a problem with acne longer maintain younger looking skin than those who had a clean complexion. Not only that – the whole body they retain youthful appearance!

There are prior studies that have confirmed these results but has never been fully explained why people who have suffered from acne have a stronger, voluminous skin. However, research scientists from King’s College in London showed that the thing in the body of white blood cells that protect our chromosomes.

Lead author, Dr. dermatologist. Simone Ribero said:

“Our discovery shows that in people who have a skin problems body or that their cells protected from aging, which means that their skin is not as prone to wrinkles and remains more youthful”.




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