Breaking down common myths regarding makeup

Often you can hear what is desirable and what is not when it comes to makeup.

This can leave us in a dilemma, because we will not know what the right thing to do.

Check below which are the most common myths when it comes to makeup and why it is important to stop trust them!

1. Eyebrows must be two shades darker than your hair

This is true only if your hair is bright.

If the brown and dark, darker brows will make you face working hard.

2. Red lipstick does not suit all

Oh yes, everyone stands great!

It is only necessary to select an appropriate shade that goes with buoys your complexion.

3. Lip Pencil the only way to make the lips fuller

In addition to various tricks for fuller lips that works, the most natural way is that the angular lips, as well as the upper and lower central part to add a little liquid collector which brightens the eye area.

You can even put a little Highlighter and thus focus attention on the lips.

4. Liquid Powder is applied around the eyes

Liquid foundations nowadays do not contain alcohol, so you can freely apply and in this landscape.

5. For the skin is not good to wear face powder

If you choose a high quality powder containing a protective factor, which hydrates the skin in the right way, you will not only even out your complexion, but will also protect the face from external influences.

6. If you are the only user of makeup brushes do not need to be cleaned

You really believe this?

Do not be lazy, regularly wash your brushes and do not have to worry about bacteria that will create pimples on your face.

7. Liquid concealer is applied below the liquid foundation

In addition to applying liquid concealer over the powder to make the liquid to coat the irregularities so that it appears more natural, the area around the eyes will brighten precisely in this way.

8. Mascara would be to throw as soon as it dries

Mascara should toss 3 months after use because it is possible to transfer bacteria to the eye.

Not only mascara, but after opening all the makeup has an expiration date, which is stated on the package, and you have to respect him.

9. It’s good to wear waterproof mascara everyday

It is not right, because this mascara is difficult to remove the risk to destroy the eyelashes.

Waterproof mascara use only in special situations.

These are just some of the myths and stop believing in them!

You can do it alone!


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