Created the largest diamond heart

British jewelry brand “Graff Diamonds” created the biggest diamond in the shape of a heart – “Graff Venus“.

The diamond weighs 118.78 carat or 23.5 grams, was discovered last year in Lesotho, Africa. The process of analysis, cutting and polishing lasted more than 18 months.

The company said it has never formed, and polishing a diamond of that size. Because of this diamond had to develop new processes and buy new tools.

“This was an opportunity that happens once in a lifetime. As a brand, we totally have confidence in the abilities and expertise of our team in the preparation of the heart”- Said Lawrence Graf, director of the brand,” Graff Diamonds “.

Tim is the first planned and fixed forms of heavy diamond digitally, in order to investigate the shape and exchanged ideas on how it should be reduced. The company said that the very process has to create symmetrical heart was very dangerous and needs to be a lot of precision and patience. Brand “Graff Diamonds” is shaping and polishing more than 20 largest diamonds in the last century. Lawrence Graf says that now need to decide how to use the diamond, but the PR department confirmed that the diamond heart-shaped designed to be worn, not to become a museum piece.

This means that we will probably soon find out the cost and the owners of this unique piece of jewelry.


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