Probably not many people in the world that have not heard of Donald Trump, the future president of the United States …

This man is obviously a powerful and popular, which has proved its worth in this year’s election when he won by a large margin Hillary Clinton. A Russian company has decided to pay homage to him, creating an iPhone 7 model, which is decorated with the image of Donald Trump in the colors of gold.

For fans of this model and Donald Trump, this is certainly good news. As you might imagine, this design is the work of Russian Caviar company, which in this way celebrates Tramp iconic victory. Gold-plated phone on its back contains the Tramp portrait with additional gold details and logo of the campaign with the same pattern. Also, we can say that in addition Tramp victory, this phone is celebrating reconciliation between Russia and the United States.

Moreover, Caviar company wants one of these exclusive phones to deliver anyone else to the man who inspired its creation. Phones with the image of the Trumps are available for purchase and can be purchased around the world at a price of 3,100 $.

Otherwise, Caviar Company is already known for gilded portraits of famous people on the phones, we could already see a version with Vladimir Putin, Vladimir Lenin and Peter the Great.



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