6 secrets and long healthy hair which Indian women have already discovered

When we think of a nice, long, healthy and well-groomed hair first Indian women have in mind!

These women are definitely discovered a recipe for absolutely perfect hair, exactly where all we desire without the expensive treatments and luxury products.

The time has come and you discover the secret behind their lush dark curls and waves and start the day on the way to the hair kind of dream.

1. The juice of aloe vera

Does your area have a fantastic pot of aloe vera? It’s time to take advantage of these plants in the best way. The juice of aloe vera is the best natural product to stimulate hair growth.

Tear off a couple of leaves of aloe is cut the climb in half and squeeze the juice to wring. This precious liquid, apply on the scalp and rub it into the skin. Leave at least two hours, preferably overnight, that nutrients penetrate to the root of the hair.


2. Pantenol in the service of beauty hair

Pantelon is presenting excellent products for the regeneration of the scalp and stop hair loss.

Get pantelon gel or cream, and after the usual washing hair, apply it to the root hairs rubbing and massaging topics. Oshawa to rest for half an hour, rinse. Panthenol can be applied on hair length and thus solve the static electricity in cold winter days.

3. Rinse with cold water

Make sure that you make a habit even during winter (nice warm home before washing hair). Cold water closes the pores and improves the circulation and thus affect the overall improvement of the condition of hair. Already after the first rinse notice that the hair shinier.

This does not mean that you should completely rinse your hair with cold water, but only at the end of washing, the last around 30 seconds to install the shower to cold water.


4. Apple cider vinegar in the wash hair

At least 2 times per month use the apple vinegar when washing hair. Apple cider vinegar activates the functioning of hair follicles and improves its performance and affects the strengthening of the hair.

After the usual washing, use vinegar instead of balsamic. Do not rinse it has already let it soak a piece. Do not worry, bad smell will evaporate!

5. Protein masks

Protein masks are the best solution for keeping the ends of the hair from breakage and damage. Two eggs break room temperature, separate the egg whites from the yolks, egg whites whip to form a solid foam. The resulting foam apply to the ends of the hair, curl hair in a bun, put a bag over your hair and leave the mask works a few hours.

6. The mask of egg and cognac

Egg already know that an excellent source of protein necessary for the construction of the hair, but did you know that cognac keep tannins – a substance responsible for the higher density of hair. Beat the eggs with a little cognac, add olive oil and apply the resulting mixture to the hair. Leave for a few hours, so rinse.

You can do it alone!


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