Hair as an indicator of the state of our health

Nice and groomed hair is a sign of good health, but what if we have a problem with blooming tops, if we intensified hair falls or is brittle and dull? Sometimes the “culprit” wrong hair care, and sometimes behind it all is a health problem …

Hair is like a barometer showing us that our health is something wrong and that we should pay attention to it, and our health. Perhaps the lack of vitamins, iron, overexposure to the sun or a serious hormonal disorder causing decline or brittle hair. With the most common hair problems like dandruff, gray hair or color changes, there are several signs that indicate that there was some disorder in the body.

1. Why hair loses shine and breaks

If you have for example noticed that your hair is falling increasingly, the problem may be associated with vitamin deficiency or hormonal disorder. And maybe the hair too squeezing rubber bands or buckle. We suspect that you love that someone picks up or pulling on my hair, so do not act according to their own hair like a stranger. Regular massage the scalp and hair roots will improve circulation, and thus strengthen the hair roots. As a result of the increased porosity of the hair, the hair during dry weather station Rebellious and electrified and flying all over the place. On the other hand, when the wet weather, sad hair hanging or messy if it had naturally inclined Hair.In any case, with a piece of you know what you can and you can not tame? It has been proven that hair loses its shine if you exaggerate with artificial colors or sunbathing. It is recommended therefore avoid painting too often, and when necessary to protect the cap or scarf. Treat your hair and nourish the target means for colored hair.

2. The loss of moisture and flourishing hair

Excessive washing or exposure to sunlight and staining also affects the weakening of the hair. Especially if while still using heating rollers, hood or electric scissors to curl. This is related to the loss of moisture in the structure of the hair, which is why it becomes brittle. If you do not help vitamin preparations, check the operation of the intestine because they are brittle due to a disease of the digestive system. Blossoming hair is the most visible sign of our lack of concern about the health of the hair. Appears as a result of irregular or rare cutting.The hair must be regularly cut to “recover”, but experts suggest that the dry and combined hair shorn at least every six months, a fatty or normal hair every three months. But if you regularly haircut does not help, then it may be the cause of your problems, poor nutrition. Therefore, the “arm” of fruit and vegetables, begin finally to drink two to three liters of water a day and make sure to keep it at about the same time.

3. Dandruff, darkening hair and gray hairs

Dandruff is one of the biggest problems we face, and the causative agent is a microscopic fungus that settles on the scalp. The only way that we can fight against it as anti-dandruff shampoos, or if you notice that you have oily dandruff and lifeless hair, it is time to order an examination by a gastroenterologist, because in the background probably disorder of the colon or disease of the bile ducts. People who have a deficiency of iron in the blood or are anemic probably have noticed that their hair changes color, and eventually becomes darker. On the other hand, the early appearance of gray hair may be associated with the work of the thyroid gland.This means that you out of your diet should throw out excessive salt and acidic foods and avoid stressful situations.

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