Leggings, wide belt and a tunic – what were the trends in 2006?

Žena.hr time machine – fashion and beauty trends from 2006

The year 2006, when the portal Žena.hr got started, unless the trends were significant for the development of the fashion scene. In fact, this was the year when the fashion bloggers have become the important factor in fashion. Today widely accepted, fashion blogs in 2006 yet they actually began to develop. Initially, the bloggers played with the website, shyly asking their own photos to 2006 experienced a real boom in the fashion world.

The cooperation of famous designers with high street brands

Cooperation on which most talked about in 2006 was between designers Viktor & Rolf and H & M. During the last decade of cooperation high street brands and designers have proven to be extremely successful, and it is particularly good to use the brand H & M, which has won a string of cooperation with renowned designers such as Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Roberto Cavalli, Jimmy Choo, Sonia Rykiel .. .


Combining the shoes with a thick heel, high boots, can and platforms, with woolen tights. On the catwalk and the refreshment were leggings bright colors and crazy patterns. For an evening out proposed combination with shimmering tunic encircled by a wide belt.

A wide belt

Must have fashion accessory of the season autumn / winter 2006/07 was a wide belt that is usually combined with tunics and tight jeans or tights. Knitted, plain or embellished sure you have to have in your wardrobe. In addition to being a very modern addition, figures you look slimmer. Favorite outfit of the season was the miniskirt, short jacket, and a wide belt.

Unisex fashion

Luggage cold season 2006/07 in Paris paid tribute unisex fashion. The trend is common wear and fusion “look” in male-female relationships. The phenomenon is in the spirit of the times as many collections attempt to erase differences.

Favorite makeup in 2006 – natural look

One of my favorite make-up Look at the daily variations in 2006 was a natural one. With this makeup will bring out the natural glow of your face. Apply to face non-fat moisturizer and leave a few minutes to rest. Choose a concealer that will well cover skin imperfections. For applying concealer to use a sponge and gently, gentle movements apply to the face. Your objective is to cover the concealer all irregularities so that your facial skin has a uniform color.

Simple, neat haircut

To achieve your hair looks smooth and is flat, it is important to make a good preparation: after you towel dried hair on her apply the foam to the weaker or gel for a stronger effect. Do not immediately reach for the hair, wait a bit to get a piece of partially dry naturally. If you have bangs, start from them. Comb them forward and firmly hold them with your fingers until dry them off from the roots to the ends.

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