Lip Magnet: Liquid lipcolor signed by Armani

Giorgio Armani Beauty Lip Magnet represents – a new current color for lips that forms the lips, giving them a lengthy, magnetic effect without smudging

Creating Lip Magenta inspired two most iconic products of the brand Giorgio Armani Beauty: an extremely thin layer of Maestro Fusion Make-up and incredible intensity velvet color Lip Maestro.

Super fine texture, unimaginable feeling of lightness, an intense concentration of color, super chic matte finish and an impeccable, long-term stability: Lip Magnet offers all this – and more!

Lip Magnet is the first liquid lip color that provides unprecedented concentration of color in the finest texture, with a perfect merging with lips.

Lip Magnet brings a whole new effect: The color intensity, incredible delicacy and makeup finish with a matte effect “second skin”.

Two key innovations:

– The color after applying twice more intense due to the phenomenon of “gradual evaporation”

– Finish is four times thinner than other current Lipcolor (40 to 10 micrometers).

This constant (to 8 hours) matte lip color is not oily nor sticky, remains in place and does not dry out the skin. Lips hours remain hydrated and perfectly defined, with a pleasant feeling of nude lips.

The first inverted emulsion in liquid rose

Lip Magnet is much more than the classic matte lip color; it is a true technological achievement: a delicate combination of water, fine oils and pigments contained in the invert emulsion. Thanks to the phenomenon of “water in oil” within the inverted emulsion, water in the formula after application gradually evaporates, which enables the operator to oil and pigments and create a veil of highly concentrated colors.

Fusing silicone polymer connects different Nourishing oils and pigments in the formula Lip Magneto.

18 shades for a flawless matte effect

Bold shades as symbols of femininity, from the offer and penetrating to the vibrant burgundy red, suit all skin tones, resulting in divine lips.

Precise and innovative application

Efficiency improves the formula and a new method of application, thanks to the calligraphic applicator which is in the laboratories of Giorgio Armani Beauty designed exclusively for Lip Magnet.

His flat, textured form makes it easy to apply the optimal amount of color, while the tip defines a perfect outline.

After the application, intense color and matte finish reveal flawless, magnetic stability.

The precious bottle

Lip Magnet comes in an elegant, precious bottle, whose aerodynamic design inspired mini glass perfume bottles, and each reveals fight like an elixir.

Lacquered cap bears the signature of Giorgio Armani Beauty, and emphasized the cult double ellipse.


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