Top 10 the ideal powder foundation for fixing makeup

Women and girls are not without foundation, and they want him to become a kind of magic wand: to eliminate shine and a perfect hold on the face from morning to late evening.

Also, girls want their face looks without the effect of “mask”. However, not all loose powder to cope with these difficult tasks “perfectly well”.

To find a real loose powder, which will be held on the skin throughout the day, you should first decide what texture you best. In order to facilitate your task, we have selected for you the top 10 highest quality loose powder that will fix your makeup, remove the shine and beauty will be your ideal assistant.

1. Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder – Smashbox

Smashbox is the most advanced loose powder that hydrates dry skin and provides a beautiful and excellent results. The product consists of the powerful compounds, amino acids, and minerals that have a positive effect on the condition of the epidermis, reduction in the visible manifestations of skin aging. The compact box equipped with a special network, which prevents the deposition, a dispenser determines the required amount of powder for one application. With the help of brushes perfectly and evenly applied to the face, creating an imperceptible veil velvet.


2. Teint Idole Ultra Compact Lancome

Teint Idole Ultra Compact Lancome is fixed on the skin and does not require additional correction of 18 hours! The innovative powder consists of components that are removed mat shine and regulates sebum. Multifunction fine dust falls on the skin, making it perfectly smooth. You do not feel makeup mirror and see a flawless complexion. The powder contains a protective factor (SPF 15).

 Teint Idole Ultra Compact

3. Poudre Premiere Givenchy

Poudre Premiere Givenchy is a loose powder with magical scent of lilac and white musk and is the perfect tool for fixing makeup. It can help you to improve and align the complexion, giving a matte finish and a slight luster skin. Seamless texture of the product is suitable for all skin tones. Dust thoroughly and permanently fixes her makeup. You should also pay attention to the elegant black box made of plastic and decorated with Givenchy logo.

Poudre Premiere Givenchy

4. Meteorites Voyage Illuminating Matte Powder Guerlain

This exclusive Powder is a novelty in 2016. The silver box is compact microspheres of 5 pastel shades that are perfectly adapted to every skin tone to give skin a natural tone. With this tool, you can easily correct the “dull skin”, and traces of redness and acne make you invisible.

 Meteorites Voyage Illuminating Matte Powder Guerlain 2016

5. Teint Ideal Illuminating Foundation Vichy

Ideal Illuminating Foundation Teint Vichy is specially designed for sensitive skin, giving it a matte effect and reliably hiding spots. It has a weightless texture that is easy to apply and does not create the effect of “mask”. The high degree of protection from UV (SPF 25) is an additional plus and attracts many customers. The comfortable sponge will enable you to apply the powder in two ways: wet and dry. In every aspect, the selected tool will fix make-up, and you will not have the urge to correct her during the day.

Teint Ideal Illuminating Foundation Vichy

6. Translucent Loose Powder Shiseido

Shiseido Translucent Loose Powder is suitable for all skin tones. The powder is absolutely no feeling on his face. At least particle pearls reflect and scatter the light so that wrinkles and irregularities practically invisible. Great treat oily skin, but makeup lasts until late at night. The face looks fresh and sleek and perfect makeup.

Translucent Loose Powder Shiseido

7. Les Beiges Chanel

Les Beiges Chanel highlights the beauty of every woman. The new collection Chanel Les Beiges offers a simple and easy way of applying make-up, which he does not feel on the skin, gives a true pleasure and harmony. There are five natural shades, each of which can be easily combined with natural skin tones. Natural components are present in the composition and the powder feed and hydrate skin. The suitable crescent-shaped brush helps to evenly apply the powder on the whole face.

Les Beiges Chanel

8. Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup Bobbi Brown

Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup Bobbi Brown contains special mineral particles, which currently equate the color of the skin and eliminate shine. Powder provides natural coverage and is absolutely unnoticeable on the face. Texture agents containing a triple dose of glycerine, vitamins, and trace elements, softening and increases the stability of the powder. SPF 15 protects the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight.

 Skin Foundation Mineral Makeup Bobbi Brown

9. Skin Illusion Clarins

Clarins Skin Illusion removes defects of the skin, evens skin tone and gives it shine. Pink algae from the powder will perfectly tighten the epidermis. The kit includes a broad brush that is suitable for the application of powder, providing easy and weightless coverage.

Skin Illusion Clarins

10. Perfect Finish Powder Illuminator Dolce & Gabbana

Perfect Finish Powder Illuminator Dolce & Gabbana is a luxurious powder powdery texture, enclosed in a box in a gold eminent brand. This magic dust emphasizes the freshness of the skin and corrects and eliminates the appearance of fat and shine throughout the day. The unique composition containing pearl pigments that reflect light and make the perfect face. Using a special brush, you can apply the powder on the cheeks and nose.

Perfect Finish Powder Illuminator Dolce & Gabbana

Any of these extraordinary loose powder will emphasize your unique beauty and add glamor and freshness of your face. By choosing the right loose powder you can always be sure that your makeup flawless stay up late at night after work, and you can safely go to a restaurant or go to a movie theater.


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