Melania Trump in white overalls: Asen all the first ladies in the world!

The stylish overalls Ralph Lauren revealed one shoulder first lady of America and showed all the elegance that she owns

Former supermodel Melania Trump and his wife a new American president, 69-year-old Donald Trump, her style of dressing is very stressed and will definitely be one of the most elegant first ladies in US history.

Fan of fine leathers and expensive designer brands with the ease will continue a series of excellent combination of fashion in the same or even better than what it is in recent years did Michelle Obama or one of the first American couture lady of all time, Jackie Onassis.

In recent months, the election campaign and the past Melania Trump was scrutinized, and everyone knows that she was born in a small Slovenian town of Sevnica, studied architecture, began modeling career in Milan, which took her to America in 1998, and there met Donald Trump. Then probably did not imagine that it could be the first lady and will get a chance to show the world how much style.

Also, after Luise Adams became the first lady in the history of this earth was born outside the United States and the first where English is not the native language.

Damski looks, what nourishes the years, especially during the election campaign, certainly will not change much even after entering the White House. How can afford whatever he wants, so far has shown that loves heels, not afraid to show a little cleavage, a favorite shopping place her Gucci, Chanel, Valentino and Louis Vuiton.

Preferably classic dresses to the knee, and cut patterns to follow the line of the body, a color palette that bears moving to the cold, through neutral, to lately patriotic – red and dark blue.

It will continue in the same vein, showing elegant suit Ralph Lauren, which has chosen to designate many victories.

With his wife and son arrived onstage in a white creation that has discovered one shoulder and had a great wheel. Just elegant, brave, but also fashion, because of the bare shoulders and steering wheels in.

Sophisticated and impeccable Melania Trump is now more likely to pay attention to every detail, especially since it has already been compared with some of the most elegant first lady like Michelle Obama or Jackie O, as well as Argentine first lady Julianna Zavadil.

Michelle Obama during the eight years in the White House has developed a unique style of dress and showed that the first lady can look great and sneakers if opportunity permits, and its directness and smile won the whole world. A cherished tradition which for official visits and trips always carry local designers, and she knew surprising and unexpected fashion look. But when the opportunity requested has always been impeccable, chic and glamorous enough for a title that belongs to her.

How are Jackie Onassis unmistakable fashion icon in American history and a symbol of fashion style, it is not surprising that just wonderful Argentine first lady Julijana Avada often the main Michelle Obama’s fashion competition. Awad this year the prestigious fashion magazine Vogue proclaimed modern Jackie Onassis.

Melania Trump will also be a special first lady after another on the line because such duties rarely find the models that France was enthusiastic Carla Bruni. The wife of former French President Nicolas Sarkozy is delighted refined style of dress, although many were skeptical about how they will be presented to the world model. Easily plugs mouth every evil tongue, she always looked elegant and classic protocol during the meeting, and unlike Melania Trump, the French first lady wore  rather flat or low-heeled shoes, probably so as not to surpass her husband too.



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