Modern and luxury travel line bags GUCCI

Gucci has a collection of luxury luggage, which no other is not even close …

Their latest range also offers designs with GG canvas and Chevron floral patterns, only those ultra modern travelers. Although I just can not imagine men with these bags in their hands, we can say that this line is perfect for the ladies.

The brand creates a beautiful, colorful and fashionable bags that are made in Italy. These are flawless pieces made of leather and / or cloth, while some parts and hand-made. Five models that we have to this time present are real statement pieces when you want to leave an impression while traveling or maybe when you go to the gym.

GG Supreme Duffle With Web $2,900

This bag is available for order tomorrow. It is a structural Travel tote bag vintage Supreme GG canvas with leather fringes. At the same time, this is our favorite novelty.

Gucci Tian GG Supreme Duffle $1,850

Tian Gucci bag is made of canvas with floral motifs and motifs of birds and insects. It also includes leather details, ID tag and safety pins.

GG Caleido Duffle $1,850

It is made of canvas with GG Supreme Caleido pattern and leather details. Includes a padlock with key holder, zipper on pockets and compartments and the compartment for a mobile phone.

GG Blooms Duffle $1,850

Gucci is this motif introduced last year as part of women’s autumn / winter collection. This bag has a strap that can be downloaded, as well as the setting of Microfibre.

GG Chevron Duffle $1,850

It is made of canvas with GG Supreme Chevron pattern in green, red and white. It has double leather handles, a zipper and cotton lining.


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