When you were younger, you must travel to collect stickers that are pasted after you suitcases. In a way, it was the testimony, where everything is your suitcase with you traveled.

Although somewhat more stickers designed suitcases, the Louis Vuitton fashion house think is great to restore the trend to wear bags on a daily basis, so all fashionistas happy news that the brand launched a collection World Tour, which in turn has affixed stickers hotel .

Models purse Monogram and Epi are now remodeled with the help of these trends in detail. Legendary models like the Alma bag, Speedy, and Neverfull also inherently have colorful stickers. In the collection are on offer and pendants, as well as wallets.

For lovers of travel and Louis Vuitton brands, these bags are the ideal fashion accessory. Price handbags Alma PM is 1,770 $ while you model for Louis Vuitton Keepall bandoulière has to extract 2,260 $ for a Louis Vuitton Petite Malle World Tour even 5,570 $.


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