The Paradoxes – a new film by fashion house CHANEL (Video)

The new short film fashion house Chanel, titled “Paradoxes” celebrated the paradoxes inherent in the house Chanel.

Inside Chanel portal serves to educate consumers about the legacy of the famous brand through stunning visual narrative and explores the ideology that goes beyond clothing and accessories, Coco Chanel.

The new short film explores the legacy of French fashion brand, with a focus on how the founder, Gabriel “Coco” Chanel, its characteristics in an unusual way defined style luxury fashion house.

Coco Chanel grew up in a time when women wore corsets. Although not necessary, the corset has created the feminine silhouette and was the piece that defines “femininity” at that time. Chanel was able to transform what is considered a “feminine” and create clothes in which women feel comfortable but also feminine. This is the basis for the brand and its aesthetics. It has redefined the feminine clothing. Today, the brand continues to respect his vision.

In the film (nice and convenient, black and white, style and comfort, rough and noble) the character of Coco Chanel. She grew up in an orphanage and became rich. She loved dressing up, but I always wanted to feel comfortable.

The film “The Paradoxes of Chanel” begins exploring the paradoxes themselves Ms. Chanel – that of ordinary girls become the definition of Parisian chic. The fast pace of video and black and white prints illustrate the topics to be explored.

The film explores the paradoxes within the Chanel heritage such as finding inspiration in the orphanage where he raised Madame Chanel, as well as the splendor of Venice, Italy. Within the film stresses and inspiration to male silhouettes that result in women’s aesthetics, which at that time was unexpected and refreshing. Video then emphasizes that Canel made “simply” the ultimate definition of “luxury” mixing “the right things” to imitation.

By accepting contrast, Chanel has reconciled “beautiful and practical” and “style and comfort”, and allow users to choose and above “or”. She is known as a lady who has often used fabrics such as tweed and silk, lace and denim and muslin. In addition to the movie, mode repeats the theme of the new N ° 5 L’EAU campaign whose star Lili Rose Dep. In the campaign for Chanel No 5 Eau, brand ambassador for Lili-Rose Depp investigating a series of paradoxes that define Chanel woman.

Source video:Grazia



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