Refreshing perfume BALMAIN for hair

It’s great when you leave a trail of perfume behind her, while not walk the street. Fashion houses so quickly ejected novelties that it is hard to follow. The latest trend is perfumed water for the piece.

Fashion house Balmain was cleared to market limited edition perfume, thanks to which your hair smells of freshness. A mixture of silky elixir with argan oil not only lingers for which all revolve around you but nourishes, heals and protects hair from adverse impacts.


Available variants that include the smell of star anise, tarragon, pine needles, peach blossom, raspberry, gardenia, orange blossom, cloves, jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, apricot, lily, vanilla, sandalwood, cedar, basil and white musk.

The scent is subtle sprayed on the hair, but its effect is aggravated by the natural movement of the hair.

All that is necessary to do is to use a French perfume sprayer by spray applied directly to the hair brush or spray on you, before the comb. Bottles of 100ml spray have a price of 80 euros and can be purchased through the online sales site on the Balmain house.


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