Although only a year old, Dior So Real sunglasses are a Hollywood favorite …

With Natalie Portman who wears a pair of aviators and Kylie Jenner, telling how she would like to find on a desert island with her Dior sunglasses, the two-ton model has a fairly large fanbase.

To this base further improved, Dior brand has presented a short video clip of the process of making these glasses, which are part of the new Cruise 2017 collection. Glasses are designed as a dual-tone and three-tone pieces.

They are made in Paris, at the headquarters of Dior brand. The film, which was presented to us shows that these glasses are created – from sketch to finished product. In it, we can see how artists in white coats tested colored reflective glass before they are placed in a metal remove.

Watch the video and see the magic in the making:

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