Sex appeal and elegant: 5 tricks for dressing

Are you looking for a way by which you also look sexy and elegant? It is quite feasible – you only need to know a few simple rules.

See how easily you can achieve.


One of the easiest ways to simultaneously look sexy and elegant is to wear high heels. If you want an elegant touch to complete the look of sex appeal, then we certainly do not take the rules that are ultra-high heels for you – heel height between 3.5 to 7 cm is quite sufficient.



If your hair is long enough, you can make a bun that is always chic. It is easily made and it can carry a number of ways – in the middle of the head, the back of the head, on top of the head. It is very modern and you can wear it day and evening versions.

Pencil skirt cut


Pencil skirt cut a piece of the wardrobe that you must have if you want to look stylish. It is absolutely sexy, feminine and a classic piece that never go out of fashion.

Red lipstick

You can love or hate the color red, but the fact is that red lipstick absolutely sexy! You might think that you do not stand well, but there is shade that suits every woman. Also, red lipstick combined with red paint is a sure sign that you, literally, everyone notice.



If you want to achieve true elegance, wear socks. Even when nobody sees them. Also, it would be wise to always carry with you and spare pair in case that those who wear the break. Socks will only boost your sex appeal and elegance, and your legs will look gorgeous. Not to mention that it will be a magnet for men.

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