Trends in fashion accessories for summer 2016

With fashion details, each combination can turn into a trendy look

To restore or refresh the spring and winter clothes, and while the city streets attract glances for great looks and style, be sure to get a few irresistible fashion accessories which guarantee a successful outfit. Details are inevitable, whether it comes to jewelry, purse, belt, stroke, hat or headband if you want to be trendy, modern and youthful look. With sunglasses, you can also achieve a good impression, and the right choice of quality and trendy glasses will fit perfectly into any style of dress.

Do not forget the details

With fashion details, each combination can turn into a trendy look. Therefore, in her wardrobe certainly need to have, regardless of the season, additions that will solve everyday fashion dilemmas, but also completely change the styling. What are the indispensable accessories for the upcoming warmer days? As proposed by stylists, which returns the collection’s most famous brands? Celebrate summer with trendy fashion accessories that you suggest.

Scarves and Shawls

Shawls and scarves are one of the hits this summer. Can be used as a fashion accessory or an extra layer of clothing for cooler evenings. The latest bright colors this season are white, beige and pastel. Shalom cover the shoulders and bare hands if you opt for a strapless, can scarf used as a belt, tie it around your waist if you’re wearing such a tunic, in which case the scarf synchronize shoes and handbag. Shawls and scarves can always fit in with the style bundled them around your neck, tie around his head, to wear on the beach instead of steam and be different at a hundred and one ways.

Bags with handles

When the bags in question actually offers a wide variety. The collection is dominated by rectangular shapes bag and bags with handles. In addition to handbags that are wearable in daily combination, the trend is small bags for evening outings. The bag with handles is a model which is a great choice for all city combinations. Special makes it buttoning and comes in several varieties and size. Can be small, leather with a short handle that comes in bright colors. Younger generations prefer purse medium size that can be worn over the shoulder or across, perfect for walking around town.It is large enough to contain the wallet, a bottle of water, a cell phone and a few essential beauty products. In addition to classic black, those who want to be noticed will enrich your look purse vivid yellow or pink.

Necklaces, bracelets, etc.

The real refreshment spring and summer styling as necklaces or bracelets in vibrant colors. Can it be a turquoise blue necklace or long necklace in coral pink? For several seasons in fashion is wearing several bracelets at once. A variant of that paired with almost all outfits is bracelets in silver and black tones. Stylists are advised to be on the one hand down more bracelets same model in different shades. This year has modern pastel colors. A neutral selection is a light beige, white and black, which can be combined with each other or with other colors.

Oversized sunglasses

Another old trend comes back into fashion, but they are too big glasses. Although never really gone and still they can be found in some form in the optics or trade, oversized glasses with thick frames now are what you are wearing. Besides them, some of the older times are returning to fashion and retro glasses to be found in the colors of the 70s and 80s. Also, round Lennonice already sometimes a real trend, and it seems that it will not disappear even in 2016 years. Except for plastic, in 2016, returning to the modern rhinestones, as well as glasses with as many angles or what stranger shapes. Certainly when choosing their sunglasses select one of the models that will fit your style. If you can not decide, then tip: aviator sunglasses are always a good choice, with them, you can always just a little highlight on the heated town peak or on the beach.


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