This is how the world looked like a star in his youth! When you changed the most?

Who would prefer to hide your photos from his youth, and who shows them with pride?

Jennifer Lopez

The first photo was created way back in 2001 in Japan where Jennifer promote his album “J.Lo” The second image is an old two days, and there was recording the series “Shades of Blue”. It must be said that Jenny is like wine – the older the all beautiful, and elegant!

Meryl  Streep

Meryl Streep in the period film “The Deer Hunter” which was created in 1978. The beautiful actress in his 67 years attracts attention, and has recently been the focus of media interest when he supported the candidacy of Hillary Clinton for the presidential elections.

Niki Minaj

Thus Niki Minaj looked at the time when the enrolling in the faculty, a photo was published Beyonce. Niki said she “hates that picture”, though indeed there is no place anger because Niki was sweet high school. In the meantime, it must be admitted, is quite changed.

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is one of the few singers who did not under- gone development under (visible) cosmetic surgery, although still quite stylish wandered, and would have a pretty wild phase. These two photos were made at intervals of 15 years and must admit that the singer seemed not aged a day!

Susan Sarandon

When a good year he can not do anything! It shows in their case, Susan Sarandon (69). On the set of “Little Women” was a lovely young woman, but even now has lost none of grace, a year and brought her sophisticated style.


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