Tricks Hollywood makeup artist: 10 so far the best!

Not all the expensive makeup, nor in the skilled hands of a professional makeup artist, somewhat in the resourcefulness and fantastic idea. They found them, and we’re stealing it!

For some of the tricks on this list, you may have heard, while others will do the final meaningless, but trust us and try, the effect is fantastic.

When we want to learn something new and really effective, then turn to top professionals, and no bigger than Hollywood makeup artists and those who cooperate with the popular models for home and imaging appearance on the catwalk.

In fact, just these young ladies need not only quality and stable makeup, but also master the crafts that will often have them painted on her in record time.

To achieve stability and good looks in a few strokes can really only top professional makeup artist, or so used tricks that you probably would never have occurred to me, as it does not seem like a good idea, but they are.

Blush like a shadow

“Before you put a shadow on the eyelids, apply a little blush. It may seem like a crazy idea, but try, it is very likely that you will be delighted. The little pink or pink shades, will emphasize your eyes in a new way. In particular, if this pair it with neutral tones, nude shadows”,explains one of the famous makeup artist Beau Nelson known.

Shiny shadow

“To get that much sought after Hollywood glow on your face and look like you’ve just stepped off the red carpet, in your vanity case would be under a mandatory offer should find a great shadow. Then take one of the large brush to apply bronze or blush and scattered after cheekbones”, advises Rob Harmon, makeup artist celebrities and the creator of beauty product The magic pads.

Waterproof and regular mascara

“Waterproof mascara is great for a longer durability of the eyelashes, but much more difficult to remove than the standard one. The trick is as follows: first apply one coat of your regular mascara, then one waterproof. It is easier to make cuts, but it will last longer”, betrayed us the secret of Melanie Inglessis, makeup artist Olivia Wild.

Cream shadow

“All you need is a good, thick mascara and creamy shadow in a combination of brown and bronze colors for a slight smokey eye effect”, says Mary Greenwell, which cooperates with Hollywood A-list actresses like Jessica Chastain and Rene Zellweger.

Mascara as a basis

“If you plan to use mascara, it will be the first thing you’ll put on your eyes, not the last, as usual. The reason BPG someone doing this is that it is sometimes the only mascara needed in order to transform the face and often you only she sufficient. However, if I am not satisfied with the actual effect of mascara, then continue with the makeup person, but I upgrade piece by piece, and my mascara serves as a foundation. So you can never overdo it”,says makeup artist James O’Riley.

Lip pencil on the eyes

“Sometimes a lip liner in a neutral color use for eyes. In fact, these pens are creamy, easy to smudge and added a bit of warmth that is missing the shadow. It looks great when you want to achieve a warm divan effect on the eyes”, reveals Vincent Oquendo, popular makeup artist models, such as the Belle Hadid.

Eyeliner as a supplement lashes

“This is a simple and highly effective trick that I have not found anyone. Eyeliner brush of mascara dip into and fill the gaps between the lashes, you can get the effect of thicker and darker eyelashes”, revealed the makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan.

Rosewater Spray

“Rosewater, which is very beneficial for the skin, buy Spray. After make-up, for I finish looking face to splash the holy water. It sets makeup and face gives a more natural and fresh appearance”, said Lisa Storey, makeup popular models like Miranda Kerr.

Sponges Dispensing powder

“My secret’s sponges that are applied concealer. However, I use them on the eyelids. After applying the shadows, and before putting on mascara, putting them on the lid, in order to protect it from possible stains made mascara”, says makeup artist AJ Crimson.

Baby Powder

“The trick, which I never discovered, and here I find you now, is baby powder brush to make between two layers of mascara. Lashes will look significantly thicker. This is a great trick to get the effect of long and thick eyelashes, which can be achieved only with those artificial” reveals Rocio Matos, a professional makeup artist.


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